Rapid Release

I am extremely blessed to have co-founded Rapid Release Technologies in 2010. We make a High Speed Vibration Therapy that vibrates at a specific frequency that is known to have highly beneficial effects. This handheld device provides quick, effective relief for a wide variety of aches and pains. I funded this startup and currently serve as VP of Sales and Marketing.  This technology will have a profound impact on how we treat pain and help people avoid surgery and pain killers.  Rapid Release donates these devices to many causes that are organized to help people get out of pain.

Ultimate Life App

I provided the initial funding for the “Ultimate Life” App that has a goal of teaching the planet how to be “Happy, Healthy and Wealthy”. By taking the evaluations, you can pinpoint where you are in each of these categories and take the appropriate steps, lessons and challenges to up-level your game in every aspect of your life as well as your environments.

According to Jim Bunch, the founder of Ultimate Life and my Life Coach “15% of success comes from your intelligence, 25% comes from your work ethic, but 60% comes from your environment”. For example, your body is an “environment”. Try being healthy when your room mates are sedentary ice cream eating smokers. It is tough in that environment and you need to change that environment to one that will pull you into success instead of you relying on will power (which rarely works). When you identify your “Achilles Heel” (lowest score) and improve that environment, it raises your score in all of your environments (at least it did for me).

Assessments also include personality, wealth dynamics and strength finders as well as the environments and Happiness, Health and Wealth. After the assessments there are lessons, worksheets, 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day and 90 day challenges. Many of these challenges are crowd sourced. In this gamified program, you get an accountability partner and you have to take actions in Happy Health and Wealth everyday for points and awards. If you miss, both you and your partner don’t get points that day. This is designed to build in habits that stay with you for life. There are also loads of exercises to find your True Values, eliminate needs, de-clutter, reduce expenses etc. There is lots of sharing and interactions among the players and 9 channels of video content (1 for each environment).

Download the Ultimate Life App here!

Ultimate Life

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Ultimate Life

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LPP Fusion

One of my favorite investments is in a company that is striving to make clean cheap energy. If they succeed, this will likely eliminate fossil fuel consumption and the greenhouse effect, making deserts into farmlands, ending hunger and raising the GDP of the earth exponentially. Clean cheap energy would impact the lives of everyone on the planet and hopefully even stop the need for armed conflict.

This company has only raised $5M but already has the highest “wallplug” efficiency of any fusion effort including the multi-billion dollar efforts. Not only that, but they have the potential to make this energy very cheap as they plan to make tiny fusion reactors that do not need expensive turbines and generators to turn energy into electricity. They are not trying to contain plasma with huge super magnets, but instead, they let plasma do what plasma does, which is to create instabilities that compress energy to the point that fusion reactions occur. This type of fusion fuses boron and a neutron into 3 Helium atoms instead of the standard deuterium/tritium fuel so high energy neutron radiation doesn’t contaminate the expensive containment vessel. They have already achieved over 2.9 Billion degrees Celsius (260 keV, highest temperature ever recorded in fusion). If they succeed in getting to net energy, a 2-car-garage-sized power plant will generate 5MW, enough to power 5000 US households.

They are planning a crowdsourcing fundraiser soon. If they succeed you may get a huge return on your investment, but more importantly, your help could impact the lives of everyone on the planet in a profoundly positive way.

Here is a 2 minute explainer video of the technology, and the website is

Steve Down companies

I am also invested in 5 of Steve Down’s cause capitalism companies, many of them at the initial concept or “Back of the Envelope” stage. Some of them still embryonic and not listed here.

One of these “Cause Capitalism” companies is Even Stevens. This is already the fastest growing fast casual restaurant chain (faster than McDonalds and Chipotle) and gives a sandwich to a local non-profit for every sandwich sold. Since the first store opened in Salt Lake City on June 24th, 2014 they have donated nearly 2 million sandwiches. Their slogan is “Eat to Live, Eat to Give” and have created the “Givestock” concert series that donates 2 meals for every ticket sold.

Another one is Financially Fit which is on a mission to educate as many people as possible on how to create and manage wealth. One of their ventures is creating a Broadway Musical/Comedy titled “Money” that teaches life lessons and abundance mentality.

Another one is “Steves Hotel” which intends to give shelter to a homeless person for every night someone books a room. For every room booked, Steve’s Hotel will provide a homeless person a reimbursement for a bed in a clean, safe, comfortable environment. The first hotel is currently under construction in Oregon.

Let’s all give a hand to these “Cause Capitalism” companies for making profits for their shareholders and helping those that need help at the same time. It is my belief that these types of companies that are socially conscious will be a huge force in helping others and it is my hope that these type of companies create an example for more companies to follow, creating a brighter future for everyone